THE BACHELORETTE – Spoiler Jason Mesnick Proposal to Deanna Pappas!

Tomorrow night is the next installment of The Bachelorette series. Rumor speculation is that Jeremy is next to go, due to a family emergency. Jason Mesnick, the single dad, is officially America’s Sweetheart. EVERYONE seems to want him to win. Some rumor state there will be two roses in the final ceremony, one for Jason and one for Ty. (very sweet)

According to message boards, Jason was born on July 5, 1976, and has an adorable son Ty who is 3 years old. Unfortunately, he has been unlucky in love, and his ex-wife left because she decided she no longer wanted to be married. He lives in Kirkland, Washington just outside of Seattle, and is an Account Executive.

Everyone is counting on Jason and Jesse to be the final two. But is he the RIGHT ONE for Deanna? Jason has Sun in family oriented Cancer, Mercury in Cancer, and Venus in Cancer. A very sweet and sensitive guy. He has a grand stellium in Cancer which could make him a bit needy and demanding. His Moon in fun loving Sag loosens him up a bit, if Deanna is looking for a stable guy, he’s definitely the one.

When I look at their charts, I don’t see a soulmate connection. It is a romantic connection based on loyalty and obligation, but lacks the “sizzle” that Deanna seems to demand. The lust factor she has with Graham Bunn or the excitement factor with Jesse.

If she chooses Jason, it’s because she wants to play it safe, and she KNOWS he won’t reject her. I do think unfortunately after time, she would lose interest. Comfort doesn’t equal passion and I think this Deanna needs that chemistry.

My vote is for Jesse but I’m not sure if she will pick him. Stay tuned tomorrow when we find out who goes home next. Don’t forget to read your free daily horoscopes.

Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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