GEORGE CARLIN – Dies at Age 71 and is Lovingly Remembered by Wife Sally Wade!

George Carlin has always been one of my favorite comics and is a true legend. Tragically, he died this week of heart failure in Los Angeles. Carlin was born on May 12, 1937 and had Sun in loyal Taurus. His Moon was in fun loving Gemini and his Rising Sign was superstar Leo. He was one wonderful, funny, stubborn, sexy guy. He was married to his first wife Brenda Hosbrook for 36 years and who died in 1997 with liver cancer.

In 1998, he met Sally Wade and was married to her for ten years. Here is her recent statement about the loss of her husband.

“George Carlin was and always will be the greatest love of my life. We had meeting of the minds, heart and spirit. It was a big love. He was my soul mate and always will be. Tomorrow is our tenth anniversary, and it was the best ten years of my life. It’s quite a shock right now, but I wish to express my sincere thanks and prayers to all who have reached out during this very difficult time. It is deeply appreciated.”

A private memorial will be held for Carlin’s family next week. A public memorial will be held in a few weeks where friends and fans can join together to mourn his loss.

HBO plans to air several encore performances of George Carlin this summer. He will be greatly missed!

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